Saaremaa Zoo digital sale "A Piece of Zoo"

“The part of ZOO” Saaremaa ZOO online sales is now open!
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From the digital sales of Risto Ränk Farming Saaremaa Zoo, everyone can purchase a virtual, imaginary piece of the cages of various animals.
The size of each part is 1m2, and anyone interested can purchase them in unlimited quantities.
By purchasing each piece, depending on the quantity, the owner of the virtual part can get a discount on the ticket price when visiting the Risto Ränk Farming Saaremaa Zoo.
Each piece is virtual, and depending on the amount of pieces, it is possible to increase your discount for visiting the zoo.
Each purchaser of a part of the digital zoo receives a physical card with the owner’s name, square meters, the amount of the discount and the date the card was issued.
Each card is unique and the discount is valid only for the card holder, upon presentation of the card.
Each 1m2 costs €50 and gives the buyer a 5% discount on the ticket price. Each subsequent m2 gives an additional 5% discount.
For example: 1m2 – 5%, 2m2 – 10%, 3m2 – 15%, 4m2 – 20%, 6m2 – 30%, 8m2 – 40%

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